An operational partner for your risk assurance challenges

The accelerated changes in term of geopolitics, regulations and technologies create a challenging environment for corporations. They have to promptly seize opportunities while protecting themselves from arising risks.

We partner with clients to help them addressing their risk assurance challenges.

We make change happen for our customer thanks to a strong Internal audit experience and hands-on culture. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and facilitate team work and Knowledge transfer.

We are fully independent as we are not affiliated nor providing any conflicting services such as external auditing services.

We mainly help our clients to address the following challenges:

  • Internal Audit to deliver on their annual Audit Plan (co-sourcing).
  • Audit Committees and Management to address Audit findings (External, Internal and Regulator recommendations) in due time.
  • Compliance to implement New regulations and Internal Control systems.
  • Management to staff for an interim or transitional period an experienced Internal Audit/Controls Executive