Sample of projects

Internal Audit

  • Planning and management of internal audits assignment in Switzerland, France, UK, Channel Islands, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Miami, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Implementation and improvement of an audit tracking tool.
  • Internal Audit quality reviews.

Private Banking:

  • Coordination of Customer Information Profile reviews and enhancements following a regulator visit.
  • Centralisation of the Independent Asset Manager activity and set-up a dedicated IAM desk.
  • Set-up of a platform dedicated to affluent clients.
  • Improvement and Automation of Front Office transaction processes.

New regulations:

  • Management of Internal Control & Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance projects (scoping, risk assessment, documenting and testing).
  • Front Office coordination of Mifid and Cross border rules implementation.

Process and Quality:

  • Quality certification project (Processes update, documentation and walkthrough in preparation of an ISO 9001 follow-up audit).
  • Post acquisition processes and key controls alignment.
  • Statistical Process Control implementation.